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Shifts are occurring in the Federal marketplace, are you staying ahead of them or falling behind?

CGR Associates keeps our clients ahead of the curve providing focused and efficient services to deliver success in the Government contracting market. We specialize in the following areas:.

Strategic Planning Support and Market Research

Business Consulting Services

Buy-Side Acquisition Search Services

Program, Regulatory and Budget Analysis

Detailed Market Segment or Competitor/Partner Analysis

Each year the Federal Government spends nearly $500 billion with Government contractors. While this represents tremendous opportunity, the market is highly competitive and extremely complex as markets continuously emerge, evolve and mature. 

More than 70% of this market is awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense

More than 500,000 firms registered in the Central Contractor Registry vie for this work. Less than 50% actually perform a prime contract

About 20% of all work is awarded to a small business

We know the market and will help you identify trends, find the right targets and develop the right offerings.