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Timing of Contract Spending Differs by Contract Vehicle

In FY15 Federal agencies spent $437 Billion on contracts for goods and services. In addition to spending varying by agency and type, spending also varied greatly by month and this was most impacted by contract type. The common perception is that the bulk of spending occurs at the end of the fiscal year and this is certainly true for IDIQ contracts. Spending in September on IDIQ contracts was more than double spending in June, the next closest month. Spending on non-IDIQ contracts varied much less, September was only slightly greater than spending in February and March. The monthly standard deviation for IDIQ contracts was nearly twice that of non-IDIQ contracts. While this federal-wide view is interesting, agencies and offices have their own trends. FY15 Monthly

Schedule 70 Use Is Highly Concentrated

In the first half of FY 2015 145 different federal agencies spent nearly $2.8 Billion using Schedule 70 according to the Federal Procurement Data System. Nearly 60% of the $2.8 Billion was spent by the top 10 agencies. Schedule 70 usage is highly concentrated.

Monthly Treasury Statement Tells Defense Story

The Monthly Treasury Statement covering the first half of the federal government’s 2015 fiscal year shows that Department of Defense spending decreased slightly to $285 billion compared to the same period in FY 2014. The majority of the decline resulted from a drop in personnel and procurement spending whereas O&M increased to $120 billion. The current Monthly Treasury Statement can be viewed at