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Market Research and Strategic Planning

CGR Associates vast experience will give you an edge over your competitors. We analyze data that other firms cannot access and develop strategies tailored to your target markets. Many firms rely on subscription market services and some of them do a good job of identifying opportunities. The drawback is that all of your competitors are looking at the exact same information. To stay above the competition you need to dig deeper and that is where CGR can help. CGR Associates uses specific and quantifiable procurement data as a resource to alert our clients to government procurements in their specific areas of interest. We investigate a wide variety of sources and then distill that information into coherent and usable intelligence. Some of the resources utilized include: 

Historical Contracting Information

Agency Budgets

Procurement Spending Projections

Congressional Reports or Legislation

Federal Procurement Contacts

Agency Procurement Websites and Forecasts

GAO Bid Protest, Claims and Litigation History

IG Reports

NLRB and other Labor Cases

Public News Services

FAIR Act and Service Contract Inventories